Continuing The Mobile Home Remodel

Welcome back, as we continue trying to pursue Countrygirl’s dream of living on a small homestead and becoming more self-sustaining. We are still in the beginning stages of our mobile home remodel. We started by gutting the back half of the mobile home, this includes the only 2 bedrooms and the only bathroom. In order for us to move into the back half of our home we must finish the demolition and begin the process of rebuilding.  In the following pictures we are working on the largest bedroom (bedroom #1) which is in the very back of the mobile home;


We have finished the demolition and begun the rebuilding. There was a window which was on the very end wall that Cousin Jr. is covering up. Countrygirl chose to cover the window because the door to enter the bedroom is on one wall with only enough space for a medium-sized dresser, the other wall has a large window overlooking the backyard and the third wall will be made into double closets and according to country girl we needed a bed wall (what the heck is that?). Besides covering the window Cousin Jr. is also reinforcing the walls as most mobile homes were actually built using      2 x 2’s instead of 2 x 4’s like you would see in a typical stick built home. Next if you look in picture 1 you can see where the ceiling is low (typical of older mobile homes) , but if you look at picture 2 and 3 you can see the original ceiling line and the curve of the original roof. Cousin Jr cut out the original roof and raised the ceiling height to give us a typical 8 ft ceiling. Now let’s look at some pictures of the coming together;



In picture 1 above you can see the entire wall has been reinforced, it has all new wiring and outlets, new insulation is being added and then new sheetrock. In picture 2 this wall is complete and we put in an A/C, this will be removed later and the hole will be patched because Countrygirl says this is not aesthetically pleasing (I’m not even sure what that means).



In the 6 pictures above you can see we followed the same process as the previous wall. The wall was gutted to the studs, the studs were reinforced and the wiring was replaced. This wall received a new window to replace a broken one, then new insulation and sheetrock. We repeated the process on the wall with the entry door but raised the height of the doorway to accommodate a typical house door. Then it was on to the closet wall.



As you can see the closets were framed and then sheetrocked, again with reinforcing the studs, new insulation and wiring.

That completes all that will be done to bedroom number one for now. Our goal is to go ahead finish most everything we need Cousin Jr to do in the back half and then myself and Countrygirl will take on as much of the finishing as we can complete during the winter and then have Cousin Jr back again next spring after we gut the front half and start again. Be sure to come back as we will be moving on to the bathroom and man what a mess that is.



The Mobile Home Remodel Begins

First, let me show you the inside of this mobile home that had Countrygirl so excited;

Yes, that’s it and, no, we aren’t living in it yet. This is all the stuff we had to remove before demolition could even begin. So, after we (mostly me) had moved everything we had left after all the purging (of mostly my stuff ) we still had to empty out this place too. Now, remember we are currently living in the building out back with no power, no water and no bathroom (we can use the bathroom in the mobile home at this point).

After several more trips to the landfill we could finally start tearing into this place (do we have too) and begin to make Countrygirl’s vision a reality. The plan was to work on half the mobile home at time. We were going to start in the back half and get the 2 bedrooms and the bathroom livable so we could get in before the weather turned cold. We started ripping out everything (that was nasty work) in the biggest  bedroom (will we have to sleep in bunk beds?) in the very back. Let me show you;

In picture number one where the walls are out but the insulation is still in you can see the insulation has severely disintegrated and it’s even worse in picture number two. We had to remove all the insulation and put in new ( I almost itched to death). Surprise! We started pulling that insulation out and bees were everywhere. Those buggers had built nest in between the exterior wall and the insulation. Once the bee situation was under control Countrygirl informed me the ceiling was coming down too (what have I gotten into?). Out it came and now we could put it all back together (or so I thought).


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Downsizing To Move WHERE?


Believe me, I had the exact same reaction when Countrygirl first showed me this place. I mean reaaaly! We were living in a 2 story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, sunroom, loft, seperate garage on a pretty landscaped lot in a semi-suburban neighborhood and she says, and I quote, “Can’t you just see the vision?”. The vision I saw was a bulldozer tearing that so called, “new homestead”, down. But, alas, Countrygirls eyes were all twinkling, her cheeks were flushed with excitement and as we walked through (scary) she convinced (dragged me kicking and screaming) me that with lots of creativity, elbow grease and you guessed it, money, we could transform this place into the tiny home of her dreams. So, thinking we would have plenty time to do enough of the renovations that we could move to the mobile home and complete the rest while living there, we put the house on the market.

Did I say plenty of time? Less than a month later our house was sold and we were homeless. But wait, Countrygirl has a plan (first I heard of it).

Can you guess the plan? Yes, you got it. We were going to live in this 12 x 20 building behind the mobile home until we made the necessary improvements (what the heck). And so we rented a separate storage unit, sold at lease half our belongings, gave away more, donated to charity, hauled loads to the landfill, filled up the building and we still had a ton of stuff left. Countrygirl organized that building (OCD style) and well, here we go.

Stay tuned and follow along as we remodel the mobile home and start building the new homestead.



*I may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on links posted on this website.

What The Heck Is Homesteading?

When Country Girl first mentioned homesteading a few years ago I had visions (nightmares) of her dragging me off to live on a farm in a log cabin with no running water or electricity  with animals of all sorts, an outhouse and bathing in a creek. (If she had her way that’s exactly what we would be doing!) Thankfully, she understands that taking away all of a city boys conveniences could possibly be detrimental. So, she only ask me to give up a few (for now).

First, Country Girl explained that homesteads come in all shapes and sizes and that people have different degrees of homesteading. What she was proposing was that we start with lifestyle changes such as; hanging our laundry to dry, install a wood stove, plant a small garden, learn to properly store food, try to reduce our footprint and become more self-reliant. Later we would add some chickens for meat (umm, kill a chicken?) and eggs (do they taste like store-bought?), rabbits for meat (not so sure about rabbit)…

So, because I love Country Girl (and I knew she’d win anyway), within one year she had convinced me to plant a peach tree, add blueberry bushes, build some raised planter boxes for our garden, and wear stiff  line dried clothes everyday. We had about 30 chickens (I still haven’t killed one), 20 or so rabbits, quail and one day I came home and there was a pig. (When Country Girl gets an idea it’s “Go big or go home”!)

Now, it’s been a few years and we’ve learned a lot, such as; planning is essential, homesteading takes time, patience and determination to start, there will always be loss on a homestead (natural or predators), fresh eggs taste better than store-bought (and you don’t even need a rooster to get them, that was a shocker), rabbits are prolific reproducers (now I know where the term “breeding like rabbits” came from) and that sometimes you need to take a step back, reevaluate, regroup and come up with a new plan.

Follow myself and Country Girl as we build our new homestead and try to downsize and simplify our lives.