The Mobile Home Remodel Begins

First, let me show you the inside of this mobile home that had Countrygirl so excited;

Yes, that’s it and, no, we aren’t living in it yet. This is all the stuff we had to remove before demolition could even begin. So, after we (mostly me) had moved everything we had left after all the purging (of mostly my stuff ) we still had to empty out this place too. Now, remember we are currently living in the building out back with no power, no water and no bathroom (we can use the bathroom in the mobile home at this point).

After several more trips to the landfill we could finally start tearing into this place (do we have too) and begin to make Countrygirl’s vision a reality. The plan was to work on half the mobile home at time. We were going to start in the back half and get the 2 bedrooms and the bathroom livable so we could get in before the weather turned cold. We started ripping out everything (that was nasty work) in the biggest  bedroom (will we have to sleep in bunk beds?) in the very back. Let me show you;

In picture number one where the walls are out but the insulation is still in you can see the insulation has severely disintegrated and it’s even worse in picture number two. We had to remove all the insulation and put in new ( I almost itched to death). Surprise! We started pulling that insulation out and bees were everywhere. Those buggers had built nest in between the exterior wall and the insulation. Once the bee situation was under control Countrygirl informed me the ceiling was coming down too (what have I gotten into?). Out it came and now we could put it all back together (or so I thought).


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