Continuing The Mobile Home Remodel

Welcome back, as we continue trying to pursue Countrygirl’s dream of living on a small homestead and becoming more self-sustaining. We are still in the beginning stages of our mobile home remodel. We started by gutting the back half of the mobile home, this includes the only 2 bedrooms and the only bathroom. In order for us to move into the back half of our home we must finish the demolition and begin the process of rebuilding.  In the following pictures we are working on the largest bedroom (bedroom #1) which is in the very back of the mobile home;


We have finished the demolition and begun the rebuilding. There was a window which was on the very end wall that Cousin Jr. is covering up. Countrygirl chose to cover the window because the door to enter the bedroom is on one wall with only enough space for a medium-sized dresser, the other wall has a large window overlooking the backyard and the third wall will be made into double closets and according to country girl we needed a bed wall (what the heck is that?). Besides covering the window Cousin Jr. is also reinforcing the walls as most mobile homes were actually built using      2 x 2’s instead of 2 x 4’s like you would see in a typical stick built home. Next if you look in picture 1 you can see where the ceiling is low (typical of older mobile homes) , but if you look at picture 2 and 3 you can see the original ceiling line and the curve of the original roof. Cousin Jr cut out the original roof and raised the ceiling height to give us a typical 8 ft ceiling. Now let’s look at some pictures of the coming together;



In picture 1 above you can see the entire wall has been reinforced, it has all new wiring and outlets, new insulation is being added and then new sheetrock. In picture 2 this wall is complete and we put in an A/C, this will be removed later and the hole will be patched because Countrygirl says this is not aesthetically pleasing (I’m not even sure what that means).



In the 6 pictures above you can see we followed the same process as the previous wall. The wall was gutted to the studs, the studs were reinforced and the wiring was replaced. This wall received a new window to replace a broken one, then new insulation and sheetrock. We repeated the process on the wall with the entry door but raised the height of the doorway to accommodate a typical house door. Then it was on to the closet wall.



As you can see the closets were framed and then sheetrocked, again with reinforcing the studs, new insulation and wiring.

That completes all that will be done to bedroom number one for now. Our goal is to go ahead finish most everything we need Cousin Jr to do in the back half and then myself and Countrygirl will take on as much of the finishing as we can complete during the winter and then have Cousin Jr back again next spring after we gut the front half and start again. Be sure to come back as we will be moving on to the bathroom and man what a mess that is.



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