Downsizing To Move WHERE?


Believe me, I had the exact same reaction when Countrygirl first showed me this place. I mean reaaaly! We were living in a 2 story, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage, sunroom, loft, seperate garage on a pretty landscaped lot in a semi-suburban neighborhood and she says, and I quote, “Can’t you just see the vision?”. The vision I saw was a bulldozer tearing that so called, “new homestead”, down. But, alas, Countrygirls eyes were all twinkling, her cheeks were flushed with excitement and as we walked through (scary) she convinced (dragged me kicking and screaming) me that with lots of creativity, elbow grease and you guessed it, money, we could transform this place into the tiny home of her dreams. So, thinking we would have plenty time to do enough of the renovations that we could move to the mobile home and complete the rest while living there, we put the house on the market.

Did I say plenty of time? Less than a month later our house was sold and we were homeless. But wait, Countrygirl has a plan (first I heard of it).

Can you guess the plan? Yes, you got it. We were going to live in this 12 x 20 building behind the mobile home until we made the necessary improvements (what the heck). And so we rented a separate storage unit, sold at lease half our belongings, gave away more, donated to charity, hauled loads to the landfill, filled up the building and we still had a ton of stuff left. Countrygirl organized that building (OCD style) and well, here we go.

Stay tuned and follow along as we remodel the mobile home and start building the new homestead.



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